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Optimise centre occupancy with a custom designed program

Improve service, strengthen relationships and grow referrals through detailed, actionable insights

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  • people iconImproved occupancy through customer retention and increased referrals
  • Link IconGreater consistency of service levels
  • Graph IconA better place to work, creating higher employee engagement and lower turnover
  • House IconA stronger and more trusted brand

Sky Blue has developed a range of specialised tools and programs for early education by partnering with businesses in the industry.

We use insights from surveys and feedback tools designed specifically for early education to educate and empower your team to improve their service to families.

With our choice of programs your management team receive access to detailed parent feedback with an easy to use data insight tool, along with team training, and support on implementing and tracking action plans to improve.

The result?  A positive impact on operational efficiency, centre occupancy, and ultimately, the bottom line of your business.

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Early Education Industry Services

Customer Centred Team Program

Develop stronger connections between your team and the centre’s parents through team and leadership training designed to create action and improvements in service levels. This program is available to both established centres and those preparing to open.

Survey program ongoing

Get detailed insights with this integrated program, with clear visibility into each room, centre and overall enterprise. The Sky Blue team collect the right feedback from parents at the right time, drive Google reviews, analyse data trends, manage accountability and provide recognition to your team.

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